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Assessment 2

Well bloggers, assessment 2 email sent, so I believe that is the end of this unit, and maybe the end of this blog, hmmm maybe, I haven’t decided yet, so I will not say farewell yet.



I was very excited about photo sharing, I have sooooo many old family photo’s that need to be digitized and distributed to family members. But I know I will get the never ending, “but I wanted that one, and can I get that one”. So the answer, I thought was flickr, I thought my life was about to become so simple just copy and upload the photo’s give everyone a link to my accounts, and everyone could have whatever photo’s they wanted. But life is full of disappointments, after creating an account I had a look at how thing worked, I checked the privacy settings and account settings, and just didn’t like what I saw. Everything is set to public and it’s just question after question about how your account is seen and what will happen to your photo’s once uploaded, to me it just didn’t give me the confidence that my photo’s would stay private and still be mine, so after being left with a very uncomfortable feeling I left the site probably never to return.


Youtube, and video sharing, what can I say, fun fun fun, and lots of time wasting, have you ever gone to youtube to look for one clip, and an hour later your still watching clips. All I can say is if you ever need a laugh go to youtube.
My son made a great comment the other day, “company’s spend millions of $’s on advertising that nobody watch’s but someone posts a video of a goat that screams like a women and it gets 5 million hits.
Since I’m blogging about video sharing, I’ll share this video with you, just a bit of fun, but very well done.


Twitter, hhm, I just don’t know about this one, I’m trying, and I will stick with it for a while, a least until I know enough that I’m comfortable using it for this course and in case it’s ever needed in a job. But I just find it very time consuming, it takes me a long time to find anything of interest inbetween all the tweeting.

My experiences with social media. Hmm where to start, easy my personal experience with social media starts and finishes with facebook, until we started studying this unit, I hadn’t even thought about using any of the others, but I have to admit my interest has been piqued.
My opinion of social media is a positive one, I love it, I believe it makes a very big world a much smaller place. I now have contact with people that I thought I’d lost from my life years ago. And have contact with family that I never knew other than a name.
Oceans and distance don’t come between us anymore, where once we may have contacted friends and relatives once a year with a christmas card or an email, with a short blurp about what everyone is doing. Maybe a cousin got married or so and so had a baby last July (the babies 7 months old and you just found out).
That’s the great thing about facebook, its real time, somethings happening halfway across the world and your there, pictures are posted within minutes, comments are up, you can wish people well and interact with them as things are happening.
I have contact with family that I’ve never spoken to face to face because of the distance between us, but thanks to social media I now know them, I talk to them and know so much more about them.
I also know that facebook has its downsides, people can use social media to very cruel and unkind, but maybe I’ll get to this on my next topic.

Today I start my blog, but with an empty head, I’ve searched and searched for inspiration (def. good idea, creative influence or stimulus) but I’m still at a loss.  So I do believe this will be a long journey.

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